New Zealand Junior Football Club Cup









- Applaud the performance of both teams.
- Be positive towards the referee.
- Acknowledge the efforts of the referee.
- Praise efforts, not results.
- Set a positive example for the players.
- Let players play their game, not yours.









- Have fun!
- Play hard but fair.
- Respect the laws of the game.
- Be committed to your team.
- Never argue with the referee.
- Be a good sport.
- Applaud all good play by all teams.









- Lead by example.
- Encourage sportsmanship.
- Insist on fair play and discipline.
- Develop team respect for referees.
- Be reasonable on demand of players.
- Positively reinforce the actions of players.
- Create an enjoyable sporting environment.

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Tournament Rules

The New Zealand Junior Football Club Cup is designed to celebrate the world game of Football, to be played for the love of the game. The most important thing for us is that all players taking part in the junior football tournament have an amazing time on and off the pitch, play hard but fair and are supported in a positive manner by their management and supporters, regardless of outcomes.


Touring New ZealandRules for the football tournament will be played in accordance with the NZF rules where possible. Along with tournament rules, please see expected code of conduct during the event below.

Entrance fee: $475 per team
4 Age Groups: Under 11s, 13s, 14s, 15s
The New Zealand Junior Football Club Cup (NZJFCC) in its sixth year, gets set to welcome some of the country’s most famous clubs from North and South Islands, as they prepare to go head to head in this Labour weekend tournament on the stunning North Shore of Auckland at the home of Football. Playing at the grounds with New Zealand’s best football facilities is always a highlight for the teams lucky enough to take part. Add to this, a fantastic mix of clubs involved and it makes for a cracking weekend for all who share a love of the game.
Whether your club team is looking to test itself against some of the country’s best young teams, or simply want an exciting end of season trip; the NZJFCC is for you. The two divisions ensure plenty of even and competitive games, at an event that promotes fair play and the friendship values of sport.

Up to 12 teams per age group – Maximum 4 teams per federation
Any remaining places opened up after July 31st
All teams will play a minimum of 5 games
Scoring for seeding and pool games is 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and no points for a loss.
Time keeping will be to the referee’s time.
Each team may register up to 14 players (under 11 and 12) and 17 players (under 13, 14 and 15)
Players to be registered to the club/school they are representing and should have played at least four games for that club during regular season.
1 guest play per team allowed, must meet age criteria.
Full event facilities onsite, including hot and cold food on sale

All matches will be played under FIFA rules of the game with the following notes:

Each age group will be broken in to three pools, with each team playing the other teams in their pool once.
After pool matches, teams will be ranked 1-12, with the top 8 from each age group qualifying for Cup Quarter Final (20 min each way) 1v8, 2v7, 3v6 and 4v5.
Teams ranked 9-12 play round robin for the plate.
Winners of Cup QF progress to Cup Semi Final (25 min each way) and losers to Shield Semi Final (25 min each way).
Cup Finals and Shield Finals (25 min each way) to be played late Sunday afternoon In the event of even points when ranking teams, the following will apply -
1. Highest goal difference
2. Highest goals scored
3. Who beat who in pool play (only applies if in same pool)
4. If goal difference is the same and the amount of goals scored is equal, then toss of a coin will decide ranking.

Number of players per side Under 11s - 9 a side, including Goalkeeper Under 13s, 14s and 15s: - 11 a side
Appropriate shirt, shorts and socks are required Goalkeepers to wear colour's, which distinguish them from the other players Football boots and shin pads are compulsory. Please note: Shin pads must be worn under socks
Start of play:

Kick off decided by the toss of a coin
Team winning the toss decides which goal they will attack in the first half and who kicks off
Player Eligibility:
Team sheets with a full list of all players’ names and dates of birth must be supplied to the Global Games office before September 25th. Players must be under age of grade as of 1st January 2015. i.e - under 11s born 2004
Players to be registered to the club/school they are representing and should have played at least three games for that club during regular season.
Players may only play in one grade throughout the competition.
Clubs can apply to bring in one guest player. Girls a year older can apply to play down an age group. Maximum of two per squad one year older, no limit on the number of girls in the team.
Where clubs are found to have played an ineligible player the following sanction will apply:
The offending team shall forfeit any points gained in the game concerned
The opposing team shall be awarded the 3 points for the match 2-0 score
* One invitational team meeting age requirements may be invited to enter the tournament each year, where a special dispensation will be granted. Player registrations: Each team may register up to 15 players (under 11) and 18 players (under 13, 14 and 15)

A referee will be provided for each match, teams are required to provide their own linesman. Main finals will have linesman provided.

The off-side law WILL be applied.
Team Cards:
Team cards will be issued at managers meeting Saturday morning 8am. A new team card will need to be filled out prior to each match and handed in to the Pitch Marshal before the game can begin. At the conclusion of the match, the referee will record the result on the team cards and each team manager must check the result and sign and hand back to pitch marshal for submission to the control center where they will be loaded.
Up to 5 substitutes can be used for under 11 and 7 substitutes may be used for under 13, 14 and 15, with unlimited interchange of players for all grades (Rolling Subs), but only in stop in play, and requiring the permission of the referee, and provided that:
1. Referee must be notified prior to a substitution
2. The player leaves the field completely before the substitute goes on
3. Substitutions can only be made during a break in play
4. Players always enter and leave from the half-way line.
Match Balls:
Under 10, 11, 12 Grades: A size 4 FIFA-approved match ball will be provided.
Under 14 & 15 Grades: A size 5 FIFA-approved match ball will be provided.

Lines man:
It is not possible to have lineman for every game, due to the shortage of referees with two other major national tournaments on the same weekend.
As its important where possible to have neutral lineman, we now ask each team to put forward a linesman who would be willing and able to assist on 2-3 games over the weekend. They would assist in another grade, ensuring they are not missing any of their team’s games.
Uniform Clashes:

Where there is a clash of colour's, the away team (second named team) in the fixture must provide a change of shirts that does not clash.

Any team not ready to take the pitch 2 mins before kick off time will be required to forfeit the match. 2-0 score
First aid:
St Johns is on site, but to ease their workload, each team is to have a nominated first aider, who shall carry team first aid kit and ice.
Blood rule:
If the referee deems a player to suffer from a blood injury and blood is on themselves or their uniforms the game will be stopped by the ref and the player will need to leave the pitch. Once treated and uniform changed, the player may return to the match.
Sending off:
We would hope we don’t have any issues with sending offs, but firm rulings will apply and result in a sending off when the following takes place during a match - Serious foul play, foul and abusive language, persisting in misconduct after having received cautions.
Any player sent off is automatically excluded from the next match;
Any player receiving more than 3 yellow cards during the tournament will also miss the following match.
All yellow and red cards to be reported on the match cards, by both managers and referee.
Further punishment maybe imposed by the tournament committee if they feel an offence is serious enough to warrant further action Team guidelines and support. We take a zero policy on bad sportsmanship, both on and off the pitch. The tournament is to be played in good spirits and for the enjoyment of the game.
Team management is responsible for their team’s and supporter’s conduct during the tournament.
Any team, including their supporters, found to be bringing the event in to dispute will not be invited back to the tournament and risks other teams from their club not being allowed that same right. We reserve the right to remove any person from the event.
Tournament Committee:
A tournament committee will be out in place for the duration of the event. Any disputes/issues a team may have during the tournament needs to be made in writing by team managers for the committee to arbitrate and make judgment, within one hour of any incident. - Any decision they make is final.


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